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Macbook Pro initial reactions

Very solidly constructed, no bend or give. Trackpad changes are unnoticeable. But it looks cool! Hate black keys on silver, but I do like the new chiclet keyboard. The top lid is very very thin. Glossy screen is no big deal, mostly unnoticable. I dislike displayport for the sheer fact that I have to pay $100 extra dual link dvi cable. Also who needs another connector?

My old MacBook Pro had crazy fan issues and it takes 5 days to repair. They said I have to drop it off in Palo Alto for warranty repairs this week. And i needed a printer ($100 rebate), plus I can't live without a machine for 5 days. I'm going to NYC next week, so it's a bit of a perfect storm to pick up this new beautiful machine on the first day.

I do love a new computer. It's a red letter day.

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Steve Jobs: Down times? Out-innovate

During economic down times, we kind of ignore the rest of the world, and out-innovate the rest of the industry. While they're cutting costs and bracing for impact, we're increasing our lead. Our philosophy has always been to pay attention to the top line, and the bottom line will follow. This has seemed to work out pretty well for us.

-- Steve Jobs

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Rumors of a MacBook Touch.. *drool*

When did I become such a fanboy? Good lord, I've always been a PC user. Growing up, I idolized Bill Gates (embarrassing admission of the day.) I still do, but now for his philanthropic work instead. How times change...

Was hanging out with Jon and Jane earlier today and we talked a bit about Microsoft. I declared that someday the title of Steve Ballmer's biography will be "The Used Car Salesman Who Could Have Ruled the World." I wish it weren't true, but Microsoft has transitioned from being a powerhouse of technology to an overgrown slick sales team. Ray Ozzie, please turn things around!

Until the sleeping giant reawakens, the world will be in awe at the wonders coming out of Cupertino...