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10 reasons why I love Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

  1. It's a movie about being young and crazy and in love and heartbroken all at once.
  2. Amazing soundtrack.
  3. New York City
  4. Not settling when it comes to your most important relationships. This is important.
  5. Great comic timing and hilarious repartee.
  6. Indie music.
  7. Innocence.
  8. Awkwardness. There aren't enough movies that deal with the awkwardness of life. We are all awkward sometimes.
  9. Where's fluffy?
  10. Epicness.

Working for a Nuclear Free City

Part Radiohead, part Mogwai... According to their wikipedia entry / Stylus Magazine:

WFANFC's sound has been described as "a flawless lucid-dream trip through a thousand fantastical influences"

This description is a good one. These guys are freakin awesome. They hail from Manchester. They are named after the "Nuclear Free Zone" sign from their hometown.

MrVix and Patrick introduced them to me. I bought the whole album shortly thereafter. You should too.