About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog. I'm Garry Tan. I live in San Francisco. Thanks for reading. 

Professionally, I'm a VC

I run a venture capital fund called Initialized Capital with my cofounder Alexis Ohanian (who also created Reddit). It has just over $500M under management, and we usually fund folks very early (seed and Series A) often when it is just a few people just starting out. We have six multi-billion dollar companies in our portfolio we've funded in that way: Coinbase, Instacart, Reddit, Cruise, Flexport, and Opendoor— there are quite a few on the way to that distinction. We've been blessed to be involved with such thoughtful and amazing founders. 

Also a Dad

I'm 37, so I'm at that age where responsibility seems to be compounding. In addition to managing a partnership of nine investing professionals at Initialized, I also am husband to my wife and life partner Stephanie Lim, and a father to a three and a half year old very inquisitive little boy named Garrison. Yes, Garrison because he's my son. 

What is Posthaven?

I also cofounded the blog platform Posthaven that you're viewing this on. I wish I had more time to work on it, but me and my cofounder Brett Gibson took an oath to keep the site online, ideally forever— storage costs continue to come down and I'm pretty sure we live in the era of decentralized compute. All I ask for our users is that they pay $5/mo to be a part of it. Brett and I cofounded a startup called Posterous before that was sold to Twitter, and then shut down. We were bummed about that which is why we started Posthaven. 

My resolution for 2019

So I'm hoping to write a lot more. Keep me honest? Ping me on twitter @garrytan if you haven't seen anything in a while? :-)