Dan Haubert (1984 - 2009) We will miss you always.

A dear friend Dan Haubert, cofounder at Ticketstumbler, passed away this week, and we are all left with questions and anguish. When we first met Dan, it was last summer during our Y Combinator experience. He was the awesomely friendly, hilarious guy who brought 6-packs of beer to our weekly dinners. He was quick to smile and share his deep insights into everything there was to know about business.

We made a lot of friends that summer in Cambridge, MA. Dan was a lynchpin of our motley band of entrepreneurs. He left his mark on all of us, and for that, we are grateful to have known him.

Dan and I would often talk about how awesome Mark Cuban was, and I remember thinking, given time, Dan may well eclipse him as a businessman. I am shattered to think this will never happen.

Dan, please find peace.