How founders can build Trust & Safety teams

Steve Kirkham and Eric Levine were the early builders at Airbnb that created the Trust and Safety team. They fought for billions of dollars of transactions and beat scammers day in and day out. Learn how they built that team and how you can use their newest product Berbix to protect your online platforms and build marketplaces like Airbnb that matter. Every business in the world is moving online— and the smarter founders can be about building Trust and Safety within their companies, the faster that will happen. 

00:00 Intro 
01:25 Building Trust and Safety at Airbnb 
03:01 Knowing who you're doing business with is the first step 
04:52 Empathy for fraudsters 
06:08 Verify identity around key points 
07:11 Why the incumbents like Jumio are terrible 
07:48 Why Steve and Eric started Berbix 
09:13 Instant software-only verification unlocks all new marketplaces 
11:03 Fundamental need: Sybil resistance 
11:39 When founders should build Trust & Safety teams 
12:50 Types of bad actors 
14:36 How to thwart bad actors 
16:34 ID checks are a strong deterrent 
17:31 Berbix can help you with your trust and safety problems 
18:11 Advice for future founders 
20:45 Conclusion: You can't do business with people if you don't know who they are!

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