I love SOMA

I was walking around running errands around lunchtime today and what I noticed was how significant SOMA is to my life.

  1. I earned my first paycheck doing Perl programming for the first e-commerce websites in 1998. We would get lunch every day at AK Subs at 7th and Harrison.
  2. I opened my first bank account at the Wells Fargo on 4th & Brannan, right here in SOMA.
  3. I had my first drink at a bar (Jaeger shots with the CEO) at the Hotel Utah at a TheMan.com company party during my internship in 2000. Dave Koz played sax at the party. LOL Web 1.0 Extravagance FTW!

I guess in some way SOMA has been 'the City' to me. But what do I know? I'm a bridge-and-tunnel guy from Fremont and/or Mountain View. ;-) But looking forward to getting to know the real SF.

Posterous meetup in SOMA sometime? How about it?