Lost to history

Kansas City sportswriter Martin Manley committed suicide yesterday at the age of 60. Before his death, he posted a website explaining why he did it. He still had his health, his mind, and felt that he had contributed everything he could to society at that point. 

On why he posted his website, he writes

It’s incredible what is lost to history. Even one generation back, so little is really known about the vast, vast majority of people. It’s a shame - especially considering existing technology has enabled us to store everything ever said, done or thought by every person on earth a thousand times over. There is no reason lives have to continue to be forever forgotten. Everyone can be remembered if they put in the effort to be remembered in some concrete form rather than simply being dependent upon fading memories of those who knew the deceased person.

From beyond the grave, it is a particularly striking thought. The technology exists to store everything ever said or done, and the cost is coming down all the time. I hope that's what Posthaven can be. It'd be nice to leave something behind. But there is much left to do to make that happen.