Macbook Pro initial reactions

Very solidly constructed, no bend or give. Trackpad changes are unnoticeable. But it looks cool! Hate black keys on silver, but I do like the new chiclet keyboard. The top lid is very very thin. Glossy screen is no big deal, mostly unnoticable. I dislike displayport for the sheer fact that I have to pay $100 extra dual link dvi cable. Also who needs another connector?

My old MacBook Pro had crazy fan issues and it takes 5 days to repair. They said I have to drop it off in Palo Alto for warranty repairs this week. And i needed a printer ($100 rebate), plus I can't live without a machine for 5 days. I'm going to NYC next week, so it's a bit of a perfect storm to pick up this new beautiful machine on the first day.

I do love a new computer. It's a red letter day.

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