An example of extreme attention to detail in Google Chrome

Wow, this is such proof that Chrome rocks. When you delete tabs from the left, Google Chrome doesn't resize its tabs until you move your mouse OFF the tab area -- that way you can just keep clicking X without retargeting.

This is the kind of interaction design attention to detail I can really really appreciate.

Google Chrome is so svelte, it makes me feel skinnier.



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I press the wheel on my mouse for closing tabs. Allows me to click anywhere instead of pointing it on the "X", however, this is a really good example of attention to detail.

Another thing that I appreciate about Chrome is that when you click open a link in a new tab, It opens the tab right next to the tab you're currently on. Firefox opens it at the end (extreme right) of all the opened tabs, this makes it difficult to reach there if you have many tabs opened.

I agree with Mohsin about Firefox opening tabs to the far right. Such a pain in Firefox.
I feel like tabs are sort of a hack for bad OS-level windowing. When will tabs be integrated into operating system windowing APIs?
whoa, having a new tab opening directly to the right is awesome. i need to play around with chrome some more
Ctrl/Apple + W = the only close command you'll ever need. =]
Not to disagree with your point, but putting the X on the left like Safari also works. Thoughtful solution from them, but the left/right made it harder for them to get this right.
i guess this is more due to the slowness of my 5-year old dell laptop, but i got annoyed with that feature because if i clicked the 'x' once and it didn't respond, i'd click it again. actually though, it was just lagging and i'd inadvertently close a second tab.
That has bothered me for so long. Glad Google paid attention.
Chrome is truly a minimalist's dream, but I find myself chomping at the bit for the Mac version to be updated so I can haz extensions...
This is something I never noticed, although, I do just close windows with the CTRL+W shortcut. Nicely done though.
I find that Opera, with it's mouse gesture (click and draw L) is the quickest way to close windows. They 've had this function for nearly ten years. This, or a keyboard shortcut, is clearly more efficient than lining up a mouse cursor and clicking to close each tab - whether you have to realign or not.
Writing from G-Chrome - made the experiment - it's really that cool
I'm also for Opera, don't like Chrome that much
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