Weekend Brand Critique: Cost Plus World Market

Steph and I are on a random tour of Stevens Creek Blvd in Santa Clara, CA. One of the places we decided to stop at was Cost Plus World Market. I never really realized it but the store aint half bad. There is a decent selection of reasonably priced houseware and relatively exotic imported food. It is like a Trader Joe's mixed with Crate and Barrel. I can't help but wonder if it would be much better served by a name that isn't quite so literal. By being called Cost Plus, they are needlessly diluting their brand equity. I would feel happier and more proud shopping at a distinctive name brand that has no low cost connotations, especially if rationally I know I am getting a great deal. That is how brands become sticky and addictive.

OMG anthropologie was not designed with me in mind

I'm sitting on the boyfriend couches at Anthropoloie marvelling at an amazing set of books that have no relevance to me at all.

A sampling of titles:
The Art of Being a Woman: A simple guide to everyday love and laughter. How to live like a lady: lessons in life, manner, and style. What I know now: extraordinary women share the wisdom they'd had when they were younger.

And my personal fave: Males, Nails, and Sample Sales.

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