Anybots demonstrates robo-surrogates: Real world tech behind the upcoming film

Anybots was founded by Y Combinator partner Trevor Blackwell. If you've ever been to a YC event, you've probably seen these robots moving about and interacting with the party -- walking around, shaking hands, and even catching objects.

Humans controlling agile and powerful robots -- kind of like the Matrix plus robotic control. It certainly makes for a great premise for a sci fi action flick.



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Thank for sharing. I'm excited about the possibilities of this technology for fire fighting, search and rescue, disaster relief, and so much more. I hope someone comes up with a better name than "surrogates" though. The best I've got is "pseudo" or "pseudo-person", which is less accurate but I think sounds less creepy than "surrogates".
Why not train your robots to understand the composition of materials used to create them, what they need to survive, why they need certain components and how to research the materials they need.
It is a start, but the main problem remains, the upper body is well done, but how about the legs/wheels? In firefighting you will have to climb stairs, maybe jump over obstacles, so the wheels won't do, and a machine that has a good sense of equilibrium in a volatile medium hasn't been done yet. Sorry for my bad English. Regards,
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