Canon unveils new Powershot G11 and S90: Want, want, want.

I want this camera. Just unveiled today for $500. Been a big Canon fan for a long time, but always wanted something smaller that I could take with me, but not give up quality. This is it. Optical image stabilization, more dynamic range, anti-noise, can save RAW format, can be used with a flash gun... I want it.

Interesting exercise in miminalism: Canon actually reduced megapixels! From 14.7 for the Powershot G10 to just 10 for the Powershot G11. But they've optimized for the right thing: low light capability. Who needs 14.7 megapixels when 10 is more than you could ever possibly want? But if I can take photos in darker places than ever, that's awesome.

They also released the Powershot S90 too --

Looks same without the hot shoe, and slimmer, and $100 less, and f/2.0 at 28mm. Full manual, RAW, and larger aperture? Might be even better.

I used to be willing to carry around an SLR at all times, but moving to San Francisco has really put a damper on that. Just can't lug a camera around everywhere while biking/riding the bus, etc. And as always, the best camera in the world is the one you have on you.


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wow, f2.0 in a compact camera is awesome. finally these guys are focusing on the right thing. (get it, focusing)
I'm drooling over these! Ugh!
Sorry we missed you this morning! But at least I know you are a Canon fan!
I'm not much of a Canon fan but this camera looks pretty freakin sweet. It reminds me of the 35mm my family used growing up in looks.
I have the G9, but the 11 looks sweeter. Just wish they'd bring down the price.
Awww, just found out the G11 has flip-out LCD screen! Dang, I want.
Nikon > Canon. Duh.
Tony, you mean Nikon < Canon ;-)
Canon > Nikon ^_^

Anyway, that S90 is NICE!

compromise: Nikon <= Canon ;-)
great aperture for a compact camera.
That thing is skills. I wonder how long it will take for that price to drop. Either way...that might be the next big purchase for me.
Funny, I drool over digital cameras too.
I think I want this =
Thanks, Garry Tan!
Sweet! I've got a G9 and I love it. Time to upgrade maybe.
That S90 looks ideal for the pocket or pack ... rad. Canon rocks.
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