Did you know the foil-wrapped super burrito was a San Francisco creation?

Foil wrap and all. I had always assumed it was created elsewhere, but it fills my heart with joy to know that my very own hometown was responsible for bringing the concept of a foil-wrapped overstuffed burrito to the world.

Living in Seattle years ago, I could not understand why it was so hard to find the burrito I knew and loved. They always insisted in on drenching these perfectly good burritos in sauce.

I'm going to call it a San Francisco burrito from now on. But maybe that's not necessary... there's only one kind of burrito in the world for me.

Hat tip to @tkane for enlightening us all.



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The foil is an essential structural component.
It's a tech-driven product, too. From Wikipedia: "Two key technologies that made the San Francisco burrito possible are the large flour tortilla and tortilla steamers."
Garry, are you also aware of the Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel? http://www.idlewords.com/2007/04/the_alameda-weehawken_burrito_tunnel.htm
haha, amazing. yay sf for the foil-wrapped genius!
So, when will you send some to KC????
I know how you feel........I love 'the Frankie' ....it's only in Bangalore India that I ate it.......it's out of this world...well, out of my country for sure..lol
holy smokes... so craving one
Thanks for the post -- I grew up in San Francisco eating foil-wrapped burritos, I had no idea that it was a home town innovation!
I'm partial to Los Hermano's in the Marina and El Burrito Express on Taraval. Now, I want a burrito...
Menlo Park...MexToGo
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