I am kind of addicted to Cass McCombs right now, like a Beatles + Ryan Adams + refrigerator. Chill.

I'm really digging this new album by Cass McCombs... Just really really relaxing guitar ballads and riffs. Cass McCombs adds a retro bassline to a very sweet song on Dreams-Come-True-Girl. Jonesy Boy is like if you dropped a bunch of ice cubes on top of vintage 70's Beatles.

It's retro alt country / indie rock... some songs pick up some of the modern rhythmic repetition of Interpol and others, but still others have a down-home electric guitar twanging away.

Good for a mellow mood. Which we could all use more of these days.



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Commuting on an aircraft from San Diego to Atlanta, this album definitely helps pass the time while reading a good book. It's also raining here in Atlanta and it's perfect. Great find!
I'd love to interview you for our site if you ever get the opportunity, let me know! The site is LivingBueno.com and my name is Rick A. Griffith. I also like this album back on topic lol.
Hey Garry, check out Mayer Hawthorne. He's got this vintage thing going on that I just can't get enough of. And if you read about him, seems like an all around really cool guy.


loved the album, thanks for the recommendation.
Great find, Thanks for your contributions.