I am really digging the look of Canon 5D Mk2 1080p movies... 2009 will be the year of HD for everyone.

Click through to Vimeo in the videos below to see them in full HD.




It's almost discordant to see such amazing, high quality footage, but not attached to big budget, point-perfect productions. Yes, the music can be cheezy, and the cinematography is not always exactly right... but this is a nascent new technology that is putting the capacity to create truly beautiful motion pictures in the hands of all of us.
DSLR movies are going to be big in 2009, I am certain of it.



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Snow in Las Vegas...further proof of global warming, um I mean "climate change" lol.
Love the HD.
ah, the Hong Kong video makes me home sick...
I want to know how the heck they got fireworks to go off all over the building!?
man i need one of these. they are out of stock everywhere (or overpriced).
Makes me wish my XTi would "accidentally" fall into the toilet or something. Want!
fascinating fireworks
Hey Bud... I don't have 1080 video, but I do have video that's a few hundred megs. What's the best way to get that up on my posterous?
vimeo.com is your best bet right now. We'll be adding web upload and more features towards that later this year, but until then... =)
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