I'm going to miss you Lala

Because I get to listen to awesome gems like this one from Jimi Hendrix's deep b-side catalog and only pay 10 cents for it.


Here's hoping the business model carries over under the Apple helm. *crosses fingers*



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Lala will stay the same as far as Google's use of it-- that's a good sign that it won't change that much over the web. They'll just add to the experience. Apple is good at evolution at a revolutionary pace.
I agree, I was just really starting to enjoy Lala. Hope Apple doesn't change what is working.
Most likely they will use it to get iTunes on the web. I'm sure the price will go up, maybe even take away the web only use of the music.
i think Apple bought it primarily for the cheap pricing deal Lala struck with the record labels. There probably was no change of ownership clause in Lala's agreement, so Apple obtains that for a couple of years. With this, Apple works around the record industry's attempt to curb their dominance with iTunes. Having looked at how they primitively stream music, I really do not think it was for any technology Lala has.
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