Rageskitching Facebook 2013 Edition: 3px of padding makes all the difference in the world

I'm sorry for rageskitching about Facebook, but I can't help it. I've seen this bug too many times and I would really like someone with commit access to the Facebook CSS to fix it. 

It's a matter of 3 pixels, but it matters. Here's what it looks like right now live:

And here's what it would look like fixed. 

Can you see how much more crowded the text is in the unfixed version, and how much more balanced it could be?

I also couldn't help myself and fixed the bottom area of the comment addable extra too— that stuff needs just a tiny little bit of love. I can't stand uneven padding. A site that fixes these problems is a site is being taken care of with the loving attention to detail of someone who can see the difference.

3px means a lot more for a site like Facebook than the pixels themselves. 

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It's the little things that matter.
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I wonder if the Like button being closer to the content (even if only by 3px) leads to more actions being taken and therefore higher engagement. It would be strange if it was purely an oversight given how important the content-like-comment structure is to FB.
i just checked my facebook, it seems hey just fixed it. and i agreed your point, it matters.
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