Truly excellent Batman and Robin Quotes from Batman the TV Series (1960s)

This had me just rolling with laughter. I saw this on franjie's posterous and just had to repost. What a bygone age it was on television when you could get away with totally awesome campy lines like this!

Robin: "You can't get away from Batman that easy!"
Batman: "Easily."
Robin: "Easily."
Batman: "Good grammar is essential, Robin."
Robin: "Thank you."
Batman: "You're welcome."

Batman: "Haven't you noticed how we always escape the vicious ensnarements of our enemies?"
Robin: "Yeah, because we're smarter than they are!"
Batman: "I like to think it's because our hearts are pure."

Robin: "I guess you can never trust a woman."
Batman: "You've made a hasty generalization, Robin. It's a bad habit to get into."

Robin: "That's an impossible shot, Batman."
Batman: "That's a negative attitude, Robin."

Robin: "Where'd you get a live fish, Batman?"
Batman: "The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin."

Batman: "The green button will turn the car a la escarda o a la drecia."
Robin: "To the left or right. Threw in a little Spanish on me, huh, Batman?"
Batman: "One should always keep abreast of foreign tongues, Robin."

Robin: "We better hurry, Batman."
Batman: "Not too fast, Robin. In good bat-climbing as in good driving one must never sacrifice safety for speed."
Robin: "Right again, Batman."

Robin: "I am a little hungry."
Batman: "Of course, Robin. Even crime-fighters must eat. And especially you. You're a growing boy and you need your nutrition."

Batman: "Ma Parker's girl is more dangerous than her three boys."
Robin: "Her legs sort of reminded me of Catwoman's."
Batman: "You're growing up, Robin. Remember, in crime-fighting always keep your sights raised."

Batman (about to cross the street): "Remember Robin, always look both ways."

And a personal favorite for dishing some Batman wisdom on economics...
Robin: "Gosh, Economics is sure a dull subject."
Bruce: "Oh, you must be jesting, Dick. Economics dull? The glamour, the romance of commerce... Hmm. It's the very lifeblood of our country's society."

Many thanks to franjie for the hilarious post.


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Dear God.
That was awesome. HAHA As I was reading that I can hear Adam West's voice in my head.
great post
Love it -- had to send your post straight round the twitter community.
Ahhahh. Very good post!
Awesome. Same with @perry, I could hear Adam West talking in my head as I read it :D
This made my morning! Yes, Adam West is firmly embedded in my brain for the day. Thank You!

Heidi, I tweeted it out my way as well. :)

I Digg it!
Gotta love those old quotes :D
Oh, love it :)
anyone think the costumes are 10x more outstanding than the quotes?
quintessential batman + robin FTW! So do they have the old episodes on DVD? Would love to watch these again. @stephanie this would be a perfect halloween costume, one to add to next year's list maybe?
love that campy superhero banter =D
Omg  G&G you are a genius!
My favorite is:
Gosh Batman, we could have been killed!
Or worse Robin, Or worse, HUH???
Oh Vic, there are things worse than death, you know.
Thanks for bringing it here. I was born in 1960, and watched Batman religiously...gosh, it sure was helpful in my development.
Haha!! One of the funniest things I've read! I couldn't stop laughing. Know I'm a little late since this was put up over a year ago, but I just came across it now. I wish I was around in the 60's to actually have been able to watch them. But I have the movie!
I love batman so do my friends she loves batman
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