Facebook Connect / Facebook API's are a total mess. Some tough love by the blogosphere.

Facebook has a rep for attracting good talent, and their products are really, really popular, and yet, from my perspective, whether it's missing, disorganized, or just broken, Facebook's work (not just Facebook Connect) is consummately subpar.

The Facebook API and Facebook Connect continue to have tremendous potential. And the teams behind them are still pushing out some pretty great stuff regularly.

But as the angry blogger above complains, the Facebook API teams need a thorough attitude adjustment to start acting like hungry startup guys again. Maybe there needs to be a true crack-the-whip sort of reorg there. No new features until old bugs are fixed. Each developer does support on their own features, and bugs on those features must be at ZERO before they are allowed to check in. At Microsoft, we called this bug jail.

Also, if the developer who created the feature has to support it day-to-day, you get a bunch of positive behavior where the creator will optimize for ease of use and ease of documentation, which is super advantageous if you're making an API for mass consumption.

I hate to rail on a free service, but as the blogger above mentions -- tough love is better than coddling.

Please don't coddle us -- tell us what you hate about Posterous and we'll fix it. How do we know if it's broken if you don't let us know? =)

AirBed & Breakfast (airbnb.com) lets me jump directly into the previous lodging search I was in. They rock.

I met Brian, Joe, and Nathan, the founders behind airbnb.com recently through the YC grapevine. They are total user experience/design badasses. And they also help people find cheap places to crash with locals all over the world. Hosts get to rent out a spare bedroom or a couch and get spare cash, and travelers get a great deal, safe place to stay, and often times an awesome local to show them around town.

Check this out. This afternoon, I was looking for a place to crash in Austin for SXSW and actually almost booked this place near downtown. Great deal, and a great location. But I got distracted and didn't book it, even though I did make it to the booking screen.

Just now, I received an email from them...

I can click on "continue the booking process" to jump right into the same flow I was in before. Brilliant! Why doesn't Orbitz or Travelocity or even Kayak.com hook me up with a) history, and b) email reminders, and c) total extreme convenience of jumping back to where I was? Because they don't hustle. AirBed & Breakfast hustles.

They're the guys behind Obama O's and Cap'n McCains, which incidentally helped them bootstrap and self-fund their venture... which by the way, actually makes money, and has made money from Day One.

Hustle + great design + great business model makes airbnb.com destined for some incredible success. I know I probably won't be booking a hotel again anytime soon, especially when traveling for fun.